Simple and Effective Ways to Maximize A Bedroom

Do you feel overwhelmed by your small bedroom and wish that you had more space? You might feel tempted to declutter your space. However, you should never feel as though you have to be sacrificing all of your things. In reality, every room is functional. It’s simply a matter of choosing furniture that works smarter, rather than harder.

Here is a list of the most effective ways to maximize your small bedroom.

Replace Large Furniture

If you have a small bedroom, then the last thing you want is large furniture that takes up a majority of your bedroom floor plan. If you have an armoire or a dresser, or both, then consider replacing them with furniture that offers vertical storage space, such as a chest.

Chests are typically tall and narrow, which offers a sleek design. Chests also make redecorating your room a breeze if your bedroom walls don’t offer much width because they pair nicely when standing near a door, in corners, or in between windows.

Chests are a great alternative to a dresser or armoire because they take up very little footprint while offering you the same amount of storage space.

Use Double Duty Furniture

Your furniture should not only look nice, but it should be multi-functional as well. Consider furniture that can multi-task and perform double or triple duty by going beyond its advertised function.

Here are a list of double duty furniture:

  • A full length mirror with a jewelry cabinet: Mirrors with jewelry storage make for a sleeker alternative to a bulky and tall jewelry armoire. These mirror armoires are very versatile; not only can you purchase it as a standing mirror, but also as an over-the-door mirror, or it can even be mounted to a wall. When mounting heavy objects, we recommend choosing toggle bolts for the job, specifically heavy duty toggle bolts because they can sustain heavy loads. Our SNAPTOGGLE heavy duty toggle bolts are the perfect wall anchors, as they provide double the loading value of a plastic toggle anchor. SNAPTOGGLE also works on drywall, steel plate, hollow masonry, wood, and all other hollow materials. If you're running out of wall space, SNAPTOGGLE also works successfully as a hollow core door anchor.
  • An ottoman: Not only are ottoman’s stylish, but they’re also spacious and offer a lot of storage space. Ottoman’s are a great for storing blankets, or even thick clothes, such as sweaters.
  • A headboard with shelves: Do you have a lot of stuff that you’re not willing to sacrifice? Whether you love to collect books, or simply like to decorate your bedroom, then a headboard with shelves or a headboard bookcase will greatly benefit you. You can find headboards with multiple shelves in various lengths and widths, and some even come with drawers to offer maximum storage. This makes for a great replacement bookcase, desk, or vanity.
    The best part is that these headboards are not as hard to assemble as you think! If you’re purchasing one from a furniture store, then you can trust that you’ll be receiving top-quality instruction guides that walk you through the entire setup. We recommend picking up better quality drills and drill bits for extra security. Wej-it offers an entire line of tipped drill bits as well as carbide tipped drill bits, all of various cutting edges. Our drill bits provide precision and control when drilling. Please review their anchor drill bit size chart online to ensure that you’re choosing the correct size drill bit.

Maximize Storage on Walls

If your bedroom feels cluttered and you want to create more walking space for yourself, then your best option is to replace your standing furniture for floating furniture pieces. Floating furniture has no footprints, and as a result they will give you much more floor space while also decreasing clutter.

Floating shelves are a great alternative to a bookshelf or nightstand. They offer a lot of versatility while also creating visual interest to a dull and bare wall. Your options when decorating are essentially endless, as there is no wrong way to install floating shelves. They come in various lengths, angles, thicknesses, shapes, colors, designs, and finishes . You can hang them in straight lines going horizontally or vertically. You can also get creative and design them in patterns for a fun and playful design. However, if the idea of multiple shelves throughout your room overwhelms you, then consider corner shelves. Corner shelves allow you to occupy unused space while still giving you the freedom of having a minimalist wall.

Floating drawers are great alternatives to dressers, chests, and nightstands because they provide the same storage space that these furniture pieces offer, but without the clutter. Unlike standing furniture that occupies floor space, floating drawers mount to your walls, and as a result, they help you save significantly on floor space. Floating shelves are very versatile, and also come in various sizes and lengths, colors, designs, and finishes. You can mix and match different sized drawers to suit all your storage needs.

The great part about floating shelves and drawers is that you don’t have to be a handyman to install them. Many furniture stores sell floating shelves and drawers that come with easy to follow instruction guides. You can also turn to the internet for step-by-step tutorials. As long as you’ve got the right tools for the project, then the job should be a breeze!

Most shelves and drawers only require drilling. TOGGLER provides a line of wall anchors equipped to handle any job, such as ALLIGATOR anchors and SNAPTOGGLE toggle bolts. ALLIGATOR all-purpose anchors are a great option when installing floating shelves because of their high holding values and their ability to perform in all applications, from hollow to solid wall, and from drywall to concrete.

If you’re installing heavy shelves or drawers, choose a wall anchor that offers maximum security. We prefer using SNAPTOGGLE heavy duty toggle bolts when hanging heavy furniture because of their ability to hold heavy loads. Our toggle bolts allow for a fast and mess-free installation.

TOGGLER also offers a line of SDS-Plus, SDS-Max, and Spline carbide tipped drill bits for all your drilling needs. Our drill bits ensure exact hole placement, as well as friction and noise reduction for a quick and efficient installation.

Next time you schedule time to redecorate your room, just remember that your furniture choices don’t always have to work harder, but they certainly should be working smarter.